1. Do you take custom orders?
Yes! We love custom orders. Send us a message and we can discuss your ideas
2. Why are your prices so high?
We understand our prices are higher than chain stores, but we aren't a giant business that can buy in bulk. Every item we make we take the time to cut out, put together, sew and then package. We pride ourselves in our items.
3. If we are local to you can we pick up our items?
Yes, if you are in the Modesto area, I am more than okay with you saving on shipping and picking up your item/s.
4. Do you sell your items in bulk?
Some of them we do, but not all. Just send us a message.
5. My friend makes items similar to yours, can we purchase the fabric
from you, or get your patterns?
That's awesome that your friend has a crafters hand, unfortunately it took me a long time to find the fabrics I have and the patterns. I love encouraging others but this is a business as well. 

 6. I purchased an item but the characters/patterns/colors are different can i refund or exchange it for a different one?

Unfortunately, No, because everything is made by hand there will always be differences in every single item. We take the the time to hand cut everything out, nothing is cut by a machine. Every item is also hand sewn so there will always be differences which make every item unique and special.